Webinar: 'What will be the impact of the new pension contract?


The New Pension Contract (NPC) has been agreed. After initially sharing the highlights, more details have made public. Next step is for the labour unions to express their support. In this webinar we will give you an outline the NPC and the key changes to the pension system as we know it. We will create understanding for the reason for change and provide an overview of the defining elements of the NPC. Subsequentially, we will discuss the impact on asset managers: market opportunity, propositions and operating model. 
12.00-12.05  Opening & Welcome by Iris van de Looij
12.05-12.30  Outline New Pension Contract by Robert-Jan Hamersma
12.30-12.45  Impact on Asset Managers by Jan-Wouter Bloos and Marieke van Eenennaam
12.45-13.00  Q&A -  Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask…

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