The Netherlands: Gateway to Europe for asset managers





Amsterdam, the Netherlands, is an excellent European hub for international asset and fund managers, institutional investors and their advisors. The reasons for setting up their businesses in the Amsterdam area are evident:


  • The Netherlands is one of the founding members of the EU. For asset managers based in one of the EU Member States, a European passporting system is available, making it possible for them to operate cross border in all other EU Member States


  • Very mature securities market.


  • Huge expertise in (international) asset management, supported by the fact that some of the largest pension schemes in the world are Dutch.


  • The Netherlands is renowned globally as one of the premier locations for international business operations. Consistent with the Dutch tradition of promoting international trade, the Dutch financial services industry has a long and distinguished history. Amsterdam is home to the world’s oldest stock exchange and to some of the most prestigious international financial firms.


  • World class accountancy, legal services and other support services for the financial industry.


  • Stable political, regulatory, economic and social environment.


  • Attractive tax regime: an extensive worldwide tax treaty network and high regulatory standards combined with the flexibility of a small jurisdiction.


  • Excellent multi-lingual-language facilities, which is essential for attracting a global work force. The majority of the Dutch people are fluent in English.


  • Favourable regulatory environment, especially regarding employment.


  • Excellent transportation. Amsterdam Airport and 'Mainport' Rotterdam make the Netherlands logistically a global and a European hub with connections to all the major cities in the world.


  • Outstanding communications infrastructure: high speed internet services are the best in the world. Amsterdam is the second largest internet exchange in the world. The Netherlands is the gateway to the European mainland for transatlantic internet connections. The biggest cloud servers in the world are located in the Netherlands.


  • Availability of affordable prime office space and luxury housing.


  • Excellent English schools and universities; good restaurants and cultural offerings.


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